Multiple packages of various flavors of Buldak instant ramen
Ranking 11 Buldak Ramen Flavors From Worst To Best
11. 2x Spicy
Simply put, this ramen is just too spicy. Spice is the only flavor at play here, and it becomes so overpowering that there's not really much to enjoy.
Boasting an artificially spicy chicken flavor, you can't even taste the chicken or noodles. There's simply not enough diversity in the flavor profile.
10. Habanero Lime
This flavor is a little more broth heavy than the others, which seems to play a factor in why the flavors seem to taste a bit muddled.
Despite its efforts to capitalize on the hot-acidic duo, it leaves you wanting more — more habanero flavor (or any at all), more lime flavor, and more chicken flavor.
9. Stew Type
Flavor-wise, the broth is very chili powder-heavy, and lacking complexity. It would be more successful if it leaned more into a hearty chicken flavor.
8. Plain Spicy Chicken
If you like the basics and aren't a fan of frills in your instant ramen, then this one would actually be a worthy go-to.
The flavor is rich and savory, and the spice creeps in a lot more slowly. It's a good base, and if you plan to jazz up your bowl with your own toppings, then it's a winning option.
7. Carbonara
Although it doesn't taste much like carbonara, this flavor does have a certain creaminess. The spice was tempered due to the rich, creamy sauce.