Traditional Puerto Rican Asopao de Pollo chicken and rice stew
Puerto Rico's National Soup Has A Rich History
Puerto Rico's national soup, asopao, is rooted in the history of its colonization and its multicultural and multi-racial identity, encompassing a wide range of local recipes.
Asopao sometimes comes out like a stew and is usually made with a brothy rice base seasoned with sofrito, tomato sauce, peppers, herbs, and proteins or vegetables.
The recipe dates back to Spanish colonization and the African slave trade, mixing their influence. As such, food historians assert that it's a cross between saffron rice and gumbo.
Not only do numerous types of asopao exist according to regional ingredient availability, but each household reveres its own intergenerational recipe.
Enjoyed year-round, it's often considered a comforting remedy for colds or hangovers and is a common sight at festive celebrations, served with a variety of garnishes.