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Proper Tamping Will Help You Pull A Perfect Espresso Shot
Coffee lovers can get caught up in all kinds of fine points when making espresso, but one underestimated step of the espresso-making process is tamping, in which you press down on the coffee grounds with a flat-bottomed tool. This seemingly simple step is crucial in making an espresso that is strong and full of flavor.
Tamping incorrectly can cause water to flow through the grounds too quickly, leading to a shot that lacks body. The key is to press the grounds down with hard pressure so that the water really has to work to flow through the coffee and into your cup, so start by adding the ground espresso into the filter basket flat and evenly.
Next, press the tamper on top to compact the grind as much as possible, allowing for slow, full flavor extraction. You should hold your elbow at a 90-degree angle and use your whole arm up to your shoulder, and there are several different tamp styles on the market, so find one that is comfortable for you to avoid strain or injury.