Paul Hollywood posing for the camera
Paul Hollywood's Folding Technique For Sourdough Bread
To mix sourdough the Paul Hollywood way, fold the sides of the dough in a mixing bowl back down towards the center. As you turn the bowl, continue the process.
After the dough no longer sticks to your palms, let it rest for 10 minutes before repeating the process eight more times. This will make the dough more smooth and malleable.
If the dough is too sticky, wet or lightly oil your hands before each folding, or lightly oil the mixing bowl. This builds gluten in the dough, giving a perfect elastic texture.
Once all the ingredients are well mixed, the dough is smooth and elastic, and it has been left to rise, get back to folding the doughy mound again like a small parcel.
Fold it like wrapping a present: fold the left and right sides up and over, then flip the dough so the creases are hidden. Leave it for several hours to proof before baking.