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Opt To Share A Venti-Sized Drink For Your Next Starbucks Date
Instead of searching your car for loose change when you and a friend need a small pick-me-up from Starbucks and want to save a dollar or two, try splitting a venti drink.
On average, a venti 20-ounce latte costs $4.95, and a 12-ounce tall latte costs $3.95. By splitting, you may lose a measly two ounces, but you will save a dollar in the process.
Per ounce, you are looking to pay $0.25 by splitting compared to $0.33 if you each get your own 12-ounce drink, and the savings are even bigger for iced drinks.
A venti 24-ounce iced latte is around $5.45, while a tall 12-ounce iced latte is $3.95. Splitting an iced venti latte would result in two full tall lattes, saving you $1.22.
If you were to always share a drink with your daily carpool, you could end up saving a lot of money over time — about $30 a month, or just over $300 a year in coffee savings.