Corn on the cob on a white background
Mayonnaise Allows Delicious Herbs And Seasonings To Stick To Corn On The Cob
Like butter, mayo brings fatty elements to corn on the cob that are great for making corn extra flavorful and rich, but it has a deeper taste that adds more complexity than butter.
On top of browning well when exposed to heat, mayo clings to different toppings and seasonings better than butter does, especially for heavier things like cheese or bacon bits.
Elote, a Mexican street food, combines grilled corn with mayo, herbs, chile powder, lime juice, and cotija cheese. It's an ultimate example of what corn on the cob can be.
Some places you get elotes will use Tajin instead of other chile powders. For an American variation, use lemon pepper seasoning instead.
The power of mayo to hold crumbled ingredients also means you can bring extra texture to corn on the cob. An internet favorite is to make a powder out of Flamin' Hot Cheetos.
Enhance your corn with aged cheeses like parmesan, Romano, or gruyere, or add a kick with hot sauces like gochujang or sriracha mixed with mayo.