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Making Balsamic Glaze Is Easier Than You Might Think
A balsamic glaze is a thick balsamic vinegar reduction used as a condiment on meat, vegetables, and more, and while it can be bought from at stores, a homemade version is surprisingly simple. All you need is your favorite balsamic vinegar and a stove to make a tasty sauce that comes together quicker than a trip to the store.
To make a basic reduction, simply simmer the balsamic vinegar in a pot for about 15 minutes until it turns viscous and soon-coating. Boiling the vinegar thickens it into a glaze while also concentrating its sugars, creating a more developed flavor with a syrupy consistency that's great for glazing protein or drizzling on salads and sides.
Once you master a classic balsamic glaze, you can experiment with new flavors. Herbs, spices, and other condiments can make your glaze an even better fit for certain foods, and some glaze recipes call for extra sweeteners like white sugar, brown sugar, or honey, which can make your reduction suitable for desserts like ice cream.