Strawberry cobbler pie with ice cream
Make A Quick And Easy Fruit Cobbler With Only 2 Ingredients
For a quick fruit cobbler, all you need is puff pastry dough and canned fruit pie filling. Puff pastry is pre-rolled for convenience and will crisp and flake nicely when baked.
Make a square or rectangular dessert by spreading the canned fruit in an even layer and rolling puff pastry sheets on top, or make individual cobblers on a flat baking pan.
For hand-pie cobblers, space dollops of canned fruit filling over parchment-lined baking sheets, then place a rectangular stack of puff pastry over each one and bake.
You can use sugar and butter to create an even more flavorful crust. Brush melted butter over the crust and finish with a sprinkle of granulated sugar or powdered cinnamon.