Sliced thin-crust pizza topped with sauce, cheese and pepperoni
Lavash Bread Is The Secret To A Protein Rich Pizza In A Flash
Lavash is a unique flatbread popular in countries like Armenia, and although it’s typically used for wraps, it’s perfect for making thin-crust pizza with a little protein boost.
Thinner than other flatbreads, lavash heats quickly into a crispy crust piled high with your favorite toppings, packing 6 grams of protein in a thin, light sheet.
The bread comes ready-made, typically in a rectangular shape. Although it's flat, you can make a pizza-style rim by folding over or rolling the edges a few times.
Other than a classic thin-crust pizza, you can use the lavash as the base for variations like pizza rollups, pizza sandwiches, or pizza pocket appetizers.