Publicity still of Joan Fontaine
Joan Fontaine's Favorite Chicken Was Actually Created By Her
Movie star Joan Fontaine was also a graduate of New York's prestigious Cordon Bleu Cooking School. She developed a proprietary chicken recipe that she named after herself.
Per Silver Screen Suppers, Chicken Fontaine is a bright and flavorful chicken dish Fontaine created and contributed to the 1978 publication of "The Celebrity Cookbook."
It's a simple yet elegant pan-fried chicken dish that showcases Fontaine's professional training with savvy cooking and flavoring methods.
The recipe instructs cooks to pound chicken breasts to tenderize them, followed by a flour dredging in which you place the chicken in a ziplock with the flour and shake to coat.
Then, the chicken is thrown into a saucepan with butter to fry before adding lemon juice and zest, capers, and a dash of sherry and covering the pan to simmer for another minute.
The result is a balanced flavor profile of savory, buttery chicken, tart and sweet notes, and a burst of floral and aromatic flavors. The chicken is crisp with a tender interior.