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Japan's Canned Seafood Industry Has Been Going Strong Since 1871
Seafood lovers can't think of a shopping trip that's better than their local fish market, but if you can't buy your fish fresh, canned fish can be just as delicious and even more economical. Japan is a nation that proves this is true with its booming canned seafood industry, with many high-quality brands going strong since 1871.
Japan's first-ever canned food, an early version of sardines in oil, was created in Nagasaki in 1871 by Masanori Matsuda, and in 1877, the Hokkaido Ishikari Canning Factory opened its doors as the first canning factory in Japan, and began producing canned salmon. Today, Japan produces 67% of canned goods sold around the world.
Travel guide Japan Kuru says canned seafood is sold everywhere in Japan, from discount shops to gourmet food stores, and it's almost invariably of high quality and nutrition. If you're hungry to incorporate Japanese canned seafood into your recipes, try preserved miso mackerel, or Sea Chicken Tuna from famed brand Hagoromo.