CARDIFF, WALES - JANUARY 18: A close-up of a Starbucks drive through sign on January 18, 2022 in Cardiff, Wales. (Photo by Matthew Horwood/Getty Images)
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It's Best To Get Light Ice In Your Next Iced Coffee At Starbucks
No one likes watered-down coffee, especially if you're paying extra for a drink from Starbucks. To avoid paying for ice and water instead of coffee, try ordering light ice.
Less ice in your cold coffee means you're paying for less filler, not to mention most baristas will supplement the ice with more coffee, giving you more joe for your buck.
"Light ice" will usually give you the amount of ice for the next cup size down. It's actually better to ask for the smallest scoop of ice possible, no matter what size you order.
It's also easy to order less ice, as it's a common customization that Starbucks officially offers. You can ask for it in-store or choose it when ordering with the Starbucks app.