Bourbon poured from bottle into glass with ice
Is Bourbon Good For Your Health?
From red wine to dark chocolate, some studies suggest that certain vices aren’t as bad as others, but in the case of bourbon, research may overstate the benefits.
Some people point to bourbon as a health aid that may reduce stress or improve heart health, and while certain studies support this, there isn’t enough long-term data.
Many of these claims seem to stem from the fact that during aging, bourbon develops an antioxidant called ellagic acid which has anti-inflammatory properties.
While ellagic acid has been touted to fight cancer, manage type 2 diabetes, and even improve cognitive function, there’s not enough ellagic acid in bourbon to have any benefit.
Ellagic acid becomes effective at doses between 30 to 850 mg, while two shots of bourbon only have 1.16 mg of the antioxidant, meaning you’d have to drink 51 shots a day.
It’s well proven that drinking too much can lead to long-term health problems, so while a bourbon hot toddy may help a cold, the liquor isn't a good source of antioxidants.