Irish Mist bottle and glass on a picnic blanket
Irish Mist Honey Liqueur: The Ultimate Bottle Guide
Irish Mist was born when Desmond Williams, a grandson of B. Daly Distillery master distiller Daniel Edmund Williams, invented the liqueur in 1947.
Desmond Williams needed to sell a large supply of whiskey during a post-war era when sales were hurting, so he collaborated with a German wine merchant named Fritz Hallgarten.
Williams supplied Irish whiskey and honey for Hallgarten's production of Glen Mist, a liquor based on these ingredients, and was free to develop his own version.
Over the years, the brand has passed through the ownership of many big names, beginning in 1985 when Irish Mist was sold to Cantrell & Cochrane, also referred to as C&C.
Irish Mist was then bought by Scottish distiller William Grant & Sons in 2010. In 2017, Irish Mist found its current home with Heaven Hill Brands, an American company.
This liqueur is very sweet, but not overpowering. The palate includes honey, a subtle vanilla, clove and cinnamon, fresh green herbs and heather, and a bitter cocoa finish.
How It’s Made
The production process for Irish Mist starts with aged Irish whiskey. The aging of the Irish whiskey is a four-year process, giving it time to mellow and mature.
After this process, the aged whiskey is blended with other Irish spirits for balance and mixed with spices, herbs, honey, sugar, and water before being filtered and bottled.
How To Drink
Irish Mist has a distinct whiskey-based flavor profile, which creates many possibilities. You'll likely enjoy Irish Mist in any whiskey-based drink.
Irish Mist is a great digestif or aperitif to settle the stomach after a large meal or even to get the appetite going. It's also a tasty sipper for sitting by the fire.