Ina Garten smiling in a kitchen
Ina Garten’s Flavorful Trick For Perfect Chicken And Potatoes In One Skillet
Ina Garten's trick for making the perfect one-pan chicken and potatoes is to bake the marinated protein before coating the potatoes in the juices collected at the base of the pan.
Then, you simply return the whole pan to the oven to crisp up. This way, the potatoes soak up a delicious flavor from the marinade's aromatic ingredients and the rendered fat.
This creates a more complex flavor profile. You can even add even more spices and aromatics to the potatoes at this stage, such as garlic and chili flakes, to elevate them further.
This one-skillet cooking technique allows you to be inventive with your seasonings and enjoy a different-tasting meal each week that combines the same elements with a slight twist.
Additionally, because everything cooks in one oven-safe pan, you'll only have a single skillet to wash up after dinner, which is ideal if you value convenience.