Cast iron pan on a countertop
Ignore This Common Misconception About Cast Iron Cookware
In today’s world of finicky appliances and must-have gadgets, you might think all kitchen tools are high-maintenance, but when it comes to cast iron that would be a mistake.
Despite a reputation for its finicky nature, cast iron is not easily damaged and is one of the most laid-back, low-maintenance kitchen tools that you can have.
Even when it comes to steps like seasoning, most brand-name cast iron comes already pre-seasoned and non-stick, ready for you to cook right out of the box.
As far as cleaning, a hand wash is usually sufficient, but for stuck-on food, you can use a pan scraper or simmer it with hot water until the food pulls away.
Once cleaned, dry it thoroughly and apply a light layer of cooking oil. To remove rust, scrub it clean, season it with oil, and bake at 475 degrees F for an hour.