Fresh slices of watermelon
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If You're Not Putting Tajín On Watermelon Slices, What Are You Doing?
Some people swear by adding salt to fresh watermelon, claiming that it brings out the sweetness of the fruit — but you can take it one step further by adding Tajín.
Tajín bottled seasoning features salt, dehydrated lime juice, and dried red chilies, which provide just a touch of heat to complement the sweetness of the watermelon.
Tajín's ingredients make for a lip-smacking seasoning that gives anything you sprinkle it on the perfect, mouth-puckering punch, up to and including fruits and sweets.
A little Tajín goes a long way, so you don't need more than a light sprinkle of it to enhance your watermelon: start small and build up to your preferred amount.
Tajín is also wonderful on pineapple, mango, papaya, cantaloupe and other melons, as well as watery veggies like cucumber and jicama.