Pouring cake batter onto a pan
How To Use Your Blender To Mix Cake Batter In An Instant
To skip the laborious process of stirring cake batter manually, use your blender to whirl the ingredients for your cake batter into a smooth mixture.
To do so, simply add your ingredients to the blender's main jar and combine everything on low speed. The only manual labor necessary is scraping down the sides of the jar.
You can mix your wet ingredients before adding the dry ones, as is common with cake recipes. However, it's crucial not to overmix, as it can lead to a tough final product.
To avoid this, pulse the blender for only a few seconds at a time and stop to scrape down the sides. At this point, assess if more blending is needed.
Finally, pour the batter into a pan and bake as usual. If you want to add mix-ins, like nuts or chocolate chips, stir them into your batter in the blender jar before pouring them.
This method works best with straightforward recipes, such as vanilla loaf cake. For something more complex, more traditional methods of using mixing bowls may be better.