Plate of egg rolls and a cup of peanut butter dip
How To Fold Egg Rolls Just Like Your Favorite Takeout Every Single Time
Replicating the perfection of your favorite takeout egg rolls is not easy. However, you can make it that much easier by mastering the proper folding technique.
Lay a wrapper on a flat surface with one of its corners pointing to you and place about two tablespoons of filling near the bottom corner, leaving little space for you to roll.
Lift the bottom corner over the filling and tuck it under slightly to secure everything. Then, fold the left and right corners to the center, making it look like an open envelope.
Finally, roll from the bottom, snugly enveloping the filling with the wrapper. As you reach the top corner, dab some water or egg wash along the edge to seal it.
The sealing keeps the rolls from unraveling as they cook. The key to perfect folding is rolling the wrapper snugly around the filling so there are no gaps that let the oil seep in.