Biscuits on a plate
How To Elevate The Taste Of Canned Biscuits With A Slice Of Cheese
To make canned biscuits taste homemade, add a slice of cheese in the middle before you bake them. They can be eaten on their own or as an accouterment to a more elaborate dish.
Stuff each biscuit with a one-ounce slice of cheese. Alternatively, if you're able to pull your biscuits apart twice each, you could stuff in two layers of ½-ounce cheese slices.
To prevent the cheese from melting out all over the baking sheet, place each cheese-stuffed biscuit into a paper cupcake liner and bake these biscuits in a muffin tin.
You can experiment with different cheeses and add spices like oregano, thyme, garlic, red pepper flakes, or Old Bay seasoning.
Use these cheese-stuffed biscuits for mini pizzas or a breakfast casserole. For a sweet option, pair fontina cheese biscuits with jams like fig, apricot, apple, or pear.