Glass of bourbon on a barrel
How To Distinguish Between Low And High Quality Bourbon
To determine if a bourbon is high quality, start by checking the label. The more details a bourbon's label tells you, the more likely it is to be high quality.
For example, "straight bourbon" is the industry code for bourbon aged at least two years. It also signals that the bourbon doesn't contain additives.
Age is another great way to figure out a bourbon’s quality. Bourbon aged at least four years often has more complexity, but too much aging can lead to odd flavors.
With bourbon, the highest price doesn’t always mean you're getting the best. While cheap bourbon likely offers less depth, there are still many great, lower-priced bottles.
To ensure a high-quality bottle, stick with tried-and-true distilleries. Research them ahead of time to learn about their methods and processes before you go.
You should take a look at reviews from various sites. You may even want to try out award-winning bourbons by checking the results of recent bourbon competitions.