Stock photo showing elevated view of batch of ten mixed white and brown coloured eggs in open disposable cardboard egg box on green background.
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Here's Why You Must Refrigerate Eggs As Soon As You're Back From The Store
American eggs are stringently washed and sanitized according to food safety laws, yet unlike eggs from other countries, they must always be stored in the refrigerator.
This is because the sanitization process removes the eggs' cuticles, which keep bacteria out. American eggs are actually more susceptible to housing salmonella for this reason.
The USDA says that “temperature fluctuation is critical to safety” when it comes to eggs. It's important to put your eggs in the fridge the second you come home from the store.
Only buy unblemished, uncracked eggs in the refrigerated section of the store. Your fridge should also be set to 40 degrees Fahrenheit or below to keep the eggs consistently cold.