Two berry milkshakes with cookies
Here's Why Diners Make Such Great Milkshakes
Some foods just taste better at restaurants than at home, including milkshakes. This is due to several reasons, including the fact that milkshakes require special mixing equipment.
Diners often have restaurant-grade milkshake mixers that cost up to $1,000 and give the milkshakes a lusciously thick texture that’s hard to replicate at home.
Moreover, diners have tried and true recipes and often use high-quality ingredients like full-fat ice cream and whole milk to achieve a thick, creamy texture.
From there, it’s all about the ingredient ratios, which diners have down to a science thanks to tested recipes and lots of practice serving satisfied customers.
Likewise, diners opt for simple, classic toppings like brownies, sprinkles, cookies, nuts, or candy bars to create delicious, uncomplicated recipes.