Swedish breakfast dishes on a wood surface
Here's What You'd Probably Eat For Breakfast In Sweden
A typical Swedish breakfast consists of bread slices with butter or cheese, a boiled egg, some yogurt, and coffee. For more protein, it may include cold cuts and smoked sausages.
They are also big on morning sandwiches. The base is usually the rye crispbread called knäckebröd, which goes well with various toppings, including cucumber and tomato.
To eat like a local, squeeze some Swedish kaviar on knäckebröd. It is a beloved paste made from fish roe mixed with potato starch, vegetable oil, and tomato paste.
Swedes also often enjoy a bowl of oatmeal or muesli. However, instead of regular milk, they prefer fermented buttermilk, which has a buttery flavor and smooth consistency.