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Here's What Makes A Buck Rarebit Different From A Welsh Rarebit
A Welsh rarebit is a UK classic of toast topped with cheese sauce flavored with ale, mustard, and Worcestershire sauce. Such a simple dish leaves itself open to many variations.
A buck rarebit, AKA a golden buck, is just one Welsh rarebit variant that's emerged since the original debuted in the 1700s. It's almost the same as its inspiration, with a twist.
A buck rarebit puts an egg on top of the cheesy toast for a dish that's a little more filling and breakfast-like. The egg can be fried or poached, depending on your skill level.
Most fans prefer the egg yolk to be runny to add even more richness to the dish. To make a buck rarebit, start with a basic cheese sauce recipe and add spices and ale or Guinness.
You can pour the cheese sauce over toasted bread and be done, or broil it before adding your egg. Finish with black pepper or paprika and you have a tasty, easy, filling meal.