A stack of tofu
Here's The Kind Of Tofu That Holds Up In Your Air Fryer
Air-fried tofu has a crispy, crunchy exterior, and extra-firm tofu is guaranteed to hold up to an air fryer's fiery hot blast while still maintaining a juicy, tender interior.
Extra-firm tofu will also hold its shape after being pressed, marinated, sliced, and coated in flour or cornstarch, not to mention tossed into a glaze or saute dish post-air-fry.
Softer tofu is harder to dry and press, so it won't easily absorb flavors or oils. If it's too soft to hold its shape as you cut it, soft tofu will fall apart when you flip it.
For the most flavorful, crispy air-fried tofu, drain and press your tofu before marinating and seasoning it, and then flip it halfway through for even crisping.