Bowls of Homemade Chili with Corn Bread, Cilantro and Cheddar Cheese
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Give Chili A Unique Flavor Boost With One Ingredient Swap
You may think you’ve heard it all when it comes to secret ingredients for chili, but you might not have imagined that some cooks add sugary and fizzy soda to the pot.
Soda adds depth of flavor, acidity, and a little sweetness to chili, and if you like yours spicy, soda can also balance out the heat for a more complex flavor.
Coke and Dr. Pepper are popular sodas to use in chili, and Pepsi and Cherry Coke also work. Just don't use diet sodas, since artificial sweeteners don't produce the best results.
The acid in soda can even help to make meat more tender, which makes a great addition to chilis that use more robust meats like steak, brisket, or short ribs.
To add soda to chili, cook any meat you're using in the recipe, then simply pour a can or two of the drink into the pot instead of using other liquids like water or stock.
Taste your chili before serving to make sure the flavors are balanced. If there’s too much sweet soda, you can counter it with some extra spices or lemon juice.