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Fried Sauerkraut Balls Are An Akron, Ohio Classic
What Are They?
Fried sauerkraut balls are a flavor-packed, deep-fried dish native to Ohio, and despite the name, the balls aren’t just made with sauerkraut. While sauerkraut is an integral part of the dish, its tang is balanced by the addition of crumbled pork sausage and cream cheese, along with a layer of crispy breadcrumbs before it’s fried.
Ohio’s fried sauerkraut balls date back to the 1960s, and although many believe the dish originated in Akron, its exact origins are unknown with many attributing it to German or Polish immigrants. Today, the fried dish is available throughout the state and is often included on the menu at important family events.
While its name may take after the sauerkraut ingredient, there are plenty of other flavors, like crumbled pork sausage and cream cheese which act as the binders while also providing a salty and savory balance. Chopped onion, yellow mustard, garlic salt, pepper, and parsley round out the recipe’s flavors.
How They’re Made
First, brown your sausage and onion, and then drain and pat dry before adding your sauerkraut, bread crumbs, cream cheese, and seasonings. Let cool in the fridge for an hour, then form into balls, dip in egg, milk, flour, and bread crumbs, and fry. Serve fresh and hot, alongside a dip like ketchup, mustard, or mayonnaise.