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For The Best Results, Here's How Long You Should Chill Wine In The Fridge
White and red wines benefit from being served cooler than room temperature, but cooling them in the freezer runs the risk of the bottle popping open or even exploding.
While there are quicker methods for chilling wine, there's none easier and more reliable than simply putting the bottle in the refrigerator for the right amount of time.
It takes about two and half hours to chill a bottle of red wine in the fridge to the ideal serving temperature of around 55 degrees Fahrenheit.
White wines will take about three hours in the refrigerator to reach the proper temperature of roughly 45 degrees.
Remember that not all parts of your refrigerator are equally cold. The door tends to be warmer than the shelves, so it may take longer for your wine to chill if you place it there.
The quickest method for chilling wine is in an ice bucket filled with ice water and some salt, which will cool reds in just 10 minutes and whites in 20 minutes.
The freezer will work, too, though you should always set a timer to remind you to take the bottles out. Reds need about 40 minutes in the freezer, and whites need roughly an hour.