Eggs Benedict on a round plate, close up, view directly from above
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Eggs Cochon Offers A Southern Twist On Eggs Benedict
Eggs Benedict are a beloved breakfast dish, and the great city of New Orleans has its own variant called eggs cochon, which is arguably even better than its inspiration.
Two ingredients in eggs cochon set it apart from eggs Benedictn: Instead of Canadian bacon, it has pulled pork, and the base is a buttermilk biscuit instead of an English muffin.
The pork provides a more meaty and flavorful bite, and offers a nice cushion for the poached egg to rest on, so there’s no worries about the egg sliding off the biscuit.
At some spots in New Orleans, you can even get eggs cochon with a cornbread muffin as the base. Either way, you can count on poached eggs and hollandaise sauce to be included.