French crepes with banana and blueberries on white table
Dip The Bottom Of Your Skillet Into Batter For Perfect Crepes Every Time
When it comes to crepes, there's a surprisingly simple technique that guarantees flawless results every time: dipping the bottom of the skillet directly into the crepe batter.
Be sure to use a non-stick skillet, which is essential for ensuring that the crepe batter releases easily from the cooking surface without sticking or tearing.
Before dipping the non-stick skillet into the batter, make sure it's properly preheated over medium-high heat and has been sprayed with non-stick spray, if necessary.
Dip the bottom of the skillet into the crepe batter, then hold it upside down over a hot burner until the edges lift away from the skillet before peeling the finished crepe off.
By using this technique, you can create crepes of uniform size and thickness by ensuring an even distribution of batter across the cooking surface.
Additionally, dipping the bottom of the pan into the batter allows you to quickly and easily cook and release it without having to use a spatula or risk tearing the fragile crepe.