A package of frozen shrimps
Defrost Shrimp In A Flash With A Whirl In Your Salad Spinner
To defrost shrimp so that it both meets the USDA's recommendation of using cold water and ensure the shrimp doesn't get soggy, turn to your salad spinner.
Whip out the salad spinner and fill the basket with cold water. Pour frozen shrimp into the basket and ensure that they're fully submerged in water by placing the lid on top.
To prevent the raw seafood juices from messing up your countertop, let the bowl sit in the sink until your shrimp have thawed, which should take up to half an hour.
Pour out the water and spin to dry. If defrosting takes over 30 minutes, change the water after half an hour to keep it cold, as cold water helps prevent exposure to contamination.