Sliced meatloaf on a dining table
Crushed Pork Rinds Are The Breading Swap Your Meatloaf Needs
Instead of using breadcrumbs as the binder that keeps your meatloaf intact, use crushed pork rinds, which function in the same way with a few added benefits.
When pulverized into crumbs, pork rinds can absorb juices, ensuring the loaf stays juicy, and can even add a level of crunch to meatloaf when used as a final touch.
Appealing to keto and gluten-free diets, pork rinds also give the flavor a major upgrade with their richly nuanced profile, underlining the umami tones in a meatloaf.
To make the swap, place pork rinds into a food processor until they achieve a similar crumbly texture. Replace breadcrumbs with an equal amount of crushed pork rinds.