Eggs benedict served on a white tray
Corned Beef Is The Key To Making Irish Eggs Benedict
While traditional egg Benedicts use Canadian bacon or ham, an Irish Benedict swaps it with corned beef and also replaces hollandaise sauce with Irish cheddar cheese sauce.
You can even swap out the toasted English muffin for toasted soda bread, but the heart of an Irish Benedict is in the corned beef, which packs a tender, savory, salty bite.
The jammy, poached yolk blends well with the meat, and its somewhat briny taste means you won't miss the acidity you'd typically get from the hollandaise sauce.
If you're using fresh or leftover corned beef in your recipe, you can simply heat it well before enjoying it. Canned corned beef, however, may call for an extra step.
Since the canned variety can be saltier and may lack the intensity of flavor from other spices, fry it directly in a skillet first, tasting and adding more seasoning as required.