Tray of Russian tea biscuits
Cleveland Is Home To
Two Beloved Jewish Pastries Your Life Needs
Ubiquitous To Cleveland
Two unique-to-Cleveland pastries still sold today are Russian tea biscuits and coconut bars, which emerged from the local Jewish bakeries.
Davis Bakery first began selling Russian tea biscuits after the founding brothers brought their experiences together from other recipes to create a new version
of the pastry.
Meanwhile, the coconut bars were a direct result of co-founder Carl Davis' very first job in a bakery. He recreated them in 1939 when he and his brothers opened the bakery.
Biscuits Vs Rugelach
Russian tea biscuits are similar to a pastry called rugelach. Both require a shortcrust pastry that's been spread with
a fruit- and nut-based filling.
The difference in the pastries comes down to size and origins. Rugelach is sold in any Jewish bakery, while Russian tea biscuits are unique to Cleveland and much larger in size.
Bars Vs Lamingtons
Coconut bars are also a unique-to-Cleveland baked treat. Unlike Russian tea biscuits, coconut bars are sold outside the Jewish bakery.
Making coconut bars first involves a white or chocolate cake. The cakes are cut, hand-dipped into chocolate sauce, and rolled in shredded coconut.
Where To Buy
Both of these delectable, local-to-Cleveland pastries can be found in various places around the city, many of which are well worth visiting.
Pick up different flavors at spots such as Davis Bakery, Larder Bakery & Delicatessen, Unger's Kosher Market and Bakery, Jack's Deli & Restaurant, and Goldie's Donuts & Bakery.