Bottle of whiskey with a large orange round slice
Caramelized Oranges Take Whiskey Cocktails To The Next Level
If you're a drinker who likes to elevate their liquor with creative ingredients, try experimenting with caramelized oranges the next time you are mixing your whiskey.
Caramelized oranges shine especially brightly when combined with whiskey due to the sheer variety of tasting notes that can be found in any given whiskey.
The sweetness and acidity of caramelized oranges bring out the best of these flavors, either by highlighting those most similar to them or by creating contrast.
The basic technique of caramelizing oranges is to make a caramel sauce, saute orange slices, and then combine the two ingredients in a pan.
Slice the oranges into rounds for the best visual effect. Add a more intense flavor by adding a bit of orange juice directly to your caramel sauce when you make it.