Cheeseburger with multiple patties and melted cheese
Canned Cheeseburgers Really Do Exist But They Probably Shouldn't
Canned food is a convenient pantry item that ranges from staple foods to unconventional fare like canned cheeseburgers, which may seem like they shouldn't exist.
The Swiss company Trekking-Mahlzeiten initially developed hamburgers in cans, and the idea has since spawned copycats that come wrapped in paper inside a sealed tin.
Canned cheeseburgers come with a meat patty between two bread buns, decked out with toppings like onions, pickles, sauce, and cheese.
A can of one of these burgers can be placed into a pot of boiling water to be heated up, or the burger itself can be taken out of the can and laid into a heated pan to cook.
Some describe the taste as similar to fast food burgers, which doesn't sound bad, but canned cheeseburgers are likely only good for emergency supplies or long camping trips.