Open can of tuna with lid partially peeled back on a white background.
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Bom Petisco: The High-Quality Portuguese Canned Tuna You Should Try
American canned tuna can often be dry and bland, requiring many flavorful add-ins, but this is not the case in Spain and Portugal. Preserved seafood from these countries is called conservas, and they reflect a simple yet high-quality approach where fish is sustainably sourced and elegantly preserved with fine oils, sauces, and herbs.
Portugal’s top tuna brand, Bom Petisco, is a company with an illustrious history that started in 1962, when they built their canning plant on São Miguel island in the Azores, a Portuguese island chain in the Atlantic Ocean. The warm waters around the volcanic islands are favored by schools of skipjack tuna, the tuna of choice for Bom Petisco.
This prime tuna is boiled in seawater and preserved in oil, olive oil, or brine for unadorned, high-quality fish. Bom Petisco has become one of the most popular brands in Portugal, and there are many ways to use it, including Portuguese tuna salad with chickpeas, potatoes, olives, and hard-boiled eggs marinated in lemon juice and/or vinegar.
Chef Amy Brandwein likes to use this tuna as the protein-packed star of an Italian panzanella salad, with a medley of avocado, hot pepper, lemon, and olive oil thrown in for good measure. If you're looking to get your hands on this special product, your best bet is to shop online at gourmet Portuguese websites or look around on Amazon.