Plate of pan-fried dumplings
Boiled Dumplings Vs Steamed: What's The Texture Difference?
When deciding how to cook dumplings, each method applies its own heat and pressure to these delicacies, affecting the texture and flavor of the food.
Boiling is the simplest way to cook dumplings. This method results in a dumpling with a soft and chewy wrapper that's not mushy and a juicy and flavorful filling.
Steaming is quicker than boiling, but you'll need a bamboo steamer. This cooking method yields dumplings with a silky wrapper that is firmer and more stretchy than boiled ones.
Steaming works well with most types of dumplings, from har gow to bao zi. In terms of taste, flavors of the filling are brought out since they retain their natural fats and oils.