A black sapote cut in half
Black Sapote: The Unusual Fruit That Resembles Chocolate Pudding
What It Is
The black sapote is a tropical fruit with green skin and white flesh that, when ripe, turns dark brown inside. The pulp has a unique custardy texture.
Where It Grows
The fruit is native to Central America and grows in tropical Mexican regions. It's grown in places like Indonesia, the Philippines, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and Florida.
The Taste
The range of flavor profiles includes notes of honey, dates, caramel, and even molasses. It is on the sweeter side when ripe, but very bitter if it’s unripe.
Black Sapote vs. Persimmon
The black sapote is closely related to the persimmon as they are both in the Ebenaceae family. The trees are similar in height and how they produce fruit.
Eating Black Sapote
When the fruit has brown speckles on the outside and a dark brown interior, it's ready to eat. Use a spoon to scoop and eat the flesh, or use it in a variety of recipes.