Vodka being poured into a glass with lemon
Betty White Credited Vodka As The Key To Her Long Life
Betty White will always be remembered as one of the most beloved actors in Hollywood. She attributed her long life to simple pleasures, including her preference for vodka.
In an essay for Harper's Bazaar, White went on to share that she liked her vodka with lots of citrus, specifically lemon or grapefruit.
White may have been onto something. A 2022 study following 430,016 adult drinkers since 1994 found that having no more than one drink daily added a year to life expectancy.
White definitely fell into that category. In a Bon Appétit interview, she said, "One cocktail before dinner is fine. If I'm out with friends, I'll probably have a second."
While she never publicly shared her go-to vodka brand, she did do shots of Grey Goose with David Letterman in 2017, referring to her vodka consumption as a "hobby."