Homemade fluffy buttermilk biscuits
Avoid Overworked Biscuit Dough By Baking The Whole Sheet
Achieving perfectly light and tangy buttermilk biscuits may seem elusive, but its secret is simple: Avoid overworking the dough by cutting the biscuits directly on a baking sheet.
Rolling dough, cutting rounds, and re-rolling scraps to cut more biscuits cause overhandling of the dough, leading to tough biscuits with a loss of flakiness and an airy interior.
To avoid this, mix the dough, pat it into a circle or rectangle onto a floured surface, and cut out the biscuits on the baking sheet. Then, place the sheet in your oven as is.
Bake the biscuits per your recipe's instructions. The biscuits will rise beautifully, and the scraps around them will turn into delectable, rustic biscuits with a unique character.