Anthony Bourdain smiling
Anthony Bourdain’s Favorite Late Night Spot Was The Iconic Katz’s Deli
Anthony Bourdain's favorite spot for a pastrami sandwich was the iconic Katz's Delicatessen in New York City. He loved it so much, he featured it in his show, "No Reservations."
Talking about Katz's in a YouTube video of his visit, Bourdain said, "If you think of New York, you think of pastrami, you think of Katz's."
The pastrami at Katz’s is pickled in a secret brine solution for three weeks, seasoned, rubbed, smoked, boiled, and steamed, resulting in thick, succulent pastrami pieces.
Anthony Bourdain liked his sandwich with a spread of house-made brown mustard that packs a little bit of zest, a sour pickle to complement the meat, and a cream soda.