Angel's Envy whiskey bottle
Angel's Envy's Unique Whiskey Guardians Promote Through Word-Of-Mouth
According to an old adage, the best publicity is word of mouth, and whiskey brand Angel’s Envy takes this to heart with "Whiskey Guardians" who do the majority of their marketing.
These Whiskey Guardians advocate for the brand's bourbon and rye whiskeys from their positions within a community. Often, they already work in hospitality jobs like bartending.
The company employs at least 50 of these local ambassadors around the world, who educate people about bourbon in general while advocating for the Angel’s Envy brand.
The marketing style closely aligns with the family-centric and community-based ethos of Angel’s Envy, which was started by father and son Lincoln and Wes Henderson in 2011.