Stack of peanut butter cookies
Add Bacon To Your Peanut Butter Cookies And Thank
Us Later
When you add crispy bacon to peanut butter cookies, the bacon not only adds a delightful crunch and texture but also infuses each bite with an extra layer of savory goodness.
The smoky, savory notes of crispy bacon perfectly complement the rich, nutty sweetness of peanut butter, creating a harmonious balance of taste sensations.
Start by cooking bacon until crispy to intensify its flavor and add a crunch. Using your favorite peanut butter cookie recipe as the base, fold the bacon pieces into the dough.
Bake until the edges are golden brown and the centers are set but still slightly soft. This will ensure a perfect balance of chewiness and crunch in every bite.
You can also bake the cookies using bacon fat for added flavor. Press bacon pieces into the top of the cookie dough before it bakes for a caramelized topping.