Sole Meuniere, the classic French fish dish of dover sole sauteed in brown butter.
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A La Meunière Is A Simple French Method For Flavorful Fish
It’s no secret Julia Child was a fan of French cooking, but one dish, in particular, had a life-changing effect on the chef: sole a la meunière. A la meunière is a method of preparing fish, which in English translates to “in the manner of a miller’s wife,” signaling its simple origins, yet despite its simplicity, it yields incredibly delicious results.
The two primary ingredients for a la meunière are flour and butter, but you’ll also need a filet of white fish such as sole or trout, along with lemon, and parsley. First coat your fish in flour, saute in butter to create a crispy texture and moist interior, and then serve with a squeeze of lemon juice, fresh parsley, and a butter sauce.
To create your butter sauce, you can simply serve the butter used in the sauteing process, or alternatively, melt fresh butter to serve. However, if you want to get a little more complex, you can opt for brown butter, or add flavors such as capers, wine, or minced garlic to your melted butter for a deliciously layered flavor profile.