black and white photos of Elvis eating a sandwich
9 US Restaurants That Elvis Presley Loved
Arcade Restaurant
Elvis Presley was a regular at this Memphis eatery. His order is unknown, but he probably was enticed by their southern-style breakfast and burgers.
Despite being the oldest Italian joint in Memphis, Elvis visited Coletta's mainly for their BBQ pizza piled with pulled pork, cheese, and barbecue sauce.
This South-serving fast food chain had simple comfort foods like square cheeseburger sliders with steamed onions and mustard that were Elvis' favorites.
Johnnie’s Drive-In
This eatery is in Elvis’ hometown in Tupelo, Mississippi. As a child, he would order a cheeseburger and an RC Cola and always stopped by when he was in town.
Las Casuelas
Besides Southern food, Elvis also enjoyed Mexican food. This California eatery serves traditional cuisine like ranchero beans, which Elvis ordered with an iced tea.