Moving a fried egg from frying pan
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9 Tricks To Prevent Fried Eggs From Spreading
Use an egg ring
Making perfect fried eggs can be tricky, but there are many ways to keep them from spreading in the pan, like using an egg ring. These stainless steel or silicone rings act as molds for the egg, which ensures it cooks up into an even circle that is easy to flip without making things messy or breaking the yolk.
Make your own egg ring
You can make an edible egg ring using an onion or bell pepper cut into a ring, though the onion is more likely to give you a perfectly round shape. Bear in mind that both of these veggies may impart a little flavor (and in the case of a pepper, a little color), so avoid this method if you want your eggs to be plain and basic.
Use a smaller pan
Eggs can’t spread if they have nowhere to go, so a pretty simple way to keep your fried eggs from spreading is to use a small pan. A one-egg pan is designed for just this purpose, and while it won't always give you a perfectly-shaped egg, it will stop your egg from spreading until it's paper-thin.
Use room temp eggs
When it comes to frying, room-temperature eggs cook more evenly. If your eggs are cold, you may have to flip the egg more often or spend more time waiting for it to cook through, which increases the chances that it sticks to the pan, the yolk breaks, or the egg spreads more than you'd like.
Crack the egg in a bowl
No matter how good you are at cracking eggs, there's always a chance for mistakes when cracking them straight into the pan. By cracking it into a bowl first, the egg less likely to spread out all over the pan as soon as the white makes contact with the metal, and it's also easier to pick out egg shell fragments.