Customers browsing inside Costco's food court
8 Costco Prepared Foods You Should Buy And 7 You Shouldn't
Buy: Rotisserie Chicken
Costco's rotisserie chicken is reliably juicy, tender, and full of savory flavor. At three pounds and $4.99 each, they easily feed three to four people.
Avoid: Tortellini Pasta Salad
It may seem hard to ruin a combo of cured meats, mozzarella, olives, and cheese-stuffed pasta, but Costco’s tortellini pasta salad is a skip.
The pasta is a bit overcooked, and the salad is overdressed, leaving it mushy and greasy, while the flavor is overall lacking without any zesty herbs or crunchy veggies.
Buy: Chicken Street Tacos
Costco's chicken street taco meal kit makes Taco Tuesday a whole lot easier with chicken, tortillas, cheese, cabbage slaw, salsa, and cilantro crema.
For about $15, you get ready-to-eat, juicy chicken seasoned with a smoky, not-too-spicy flavor along with all the toppings you could desire for a quick and delicious dinner.
Avoid: Mac And Cheese
If you think it’s impossible to have too much cheese in mac and cheese, just look at Costco’s mac and cheese, which is far too rich and greasy.
The mac has a good blend of cheeses to give it an upscale flavor, but it has entirely too much cheese with few other seasonings, making it too rich for our tastes.
Buy: Meatloaf And Mash
Costco’s classic meatloaf and mashed potatoes are an easy and delicious dinner with hearty portions and an affordable price at just $3.99 per pound.
The meatloaf is made from scratch daily with freshly ground beef paired with creamy mashed potatoes to create a mouthwatering meal that tastes home-cooked.