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7 Alternatives To Egg White Foams For Cocktails
Aquafaba is the liquid at the bottom of a can of chickpeas.
It naturally repels water and simultaneously attracts it, resulting in foam.
To use aquafaba, simply drain the water from a can of chickpeas and use it exactly
as you would egg whites.
1 tablespoon of aquafaba equals ½ ounce of egg white.
Hydrocolloids are substances that thicken and emulsify liquids when mixed with water. The best ones to use are xanthan gum, agar agar, guar gum, and methylcellulose.
To create the solution, combine xanthan powder, methylcellulose powder, and water at a 1-10-500 ratio. ½ ounce of the solution equals ½ ounce of egg white.
Gum Arabic
Gum Arabic is a naturally occurring hydrocolloid. It’s hardened sap from the acacia tree and is mixed with water and sugar to create a thickening egg-white substitute.
Use gum syrup the same way you'd use egg white in a
cocktail shaker, but consider
its sweetness as it simultaneously doubles as
a simple syrup substitute.
Foaming Products
Some products are built for the very purpose of foaming up cocktails, such as Fee Brothers' Fee Foam and Ms. Better's Bitters Miraculous Foamer.
They are great vegan options
and convenient to store and dispense. 2 dashes of Fee Foam or 8-12 drops of Miraculous Foamer equals ½ ounce
of egg white.
Fresh Pulp Or Juice
A way to add a punch of fruit flavor while performing
the role of egg white is to
use a high-protein fruit substitute, such as passion fruit pulp or pineapple.
The pulp or juice of these fruits creates a heady foam that's
vegan and dairy-free while adding a distinctive tropical flavor to a drink and enhancing its overall texture.